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How to Publish SCORM Content in Adobe Captivate 2019

Adobe Captivate is one of the best authoring tools available to eLearning professionals. In this article, we’ll show you how to publish SCORM content in Adobe Captivate so you can import it to your LMS. We’ll focus on SCORM version 1.2. As this is the version that is compatible with LearnUpon. If you want to publish your courses in a a superior format to SCORM, you may want to check out xAPI. We even have a guide to publishing xAPI content using Adobe Captivate. The newest release of Captivate is called the 2019 release. It added some interesting features such as VR training and interactive videos. For a full overview check out this video:

Let’s run through the steps of publishing.

Step 1: Choose Preferences

‘Preferences’ can be found under both the ‘Adobe Captivate’ and ‘Edit’ tabs on the menu. Adobe captivate SCORM preferences In “Preferences” you will see a list of options. The main area to focus on is ‘reporting’. This is where we set the information that we want the SCORM file to send back to LearnUpon. Reporting preferences include:

  • Status representation
  • Success completion criteria
  • Data to report

Turn on reporting features

To Start, click on the “Reporting” option located under the “Quiz” header. adobe captivate scorm At the top of the box, you’ll see a checkbox for “Quiz, Enable reporting for this project”. Tick this option to enable reporting options. Underneath you’ll see two other choices to be made before we go any further: ‘LMS’ and ‘Standard’. LMS: This option allows you to choose an LMS to distribute your content. If your LMS is not on the list choose “Other Standard LMSs” Standard: The ‘standard’ is the version that your SCORM file will be published in. Choose the option your LMS supports from the drop-down menu. LearnUpon uses SCORM version 1.2.

Status representation

When has a course been completed? And how is this communicated to your LMS? This setting decides this. There are two options to choose from:

Incomplete – Complete

This option is for SCORM courses that don’t have an exam. Once a learner meets the SCORM success completion criteria, they’re marked as complete. This option will not report any scores back to LearnUpon.

Incomplete – Passed/Failed

This option should be used when the course has an exam. The SCORM will report back the scores obtained and whether the user passed or failed the exam to your LMS. To determine whether a user passes or fails, please ensure you have a passing score set on the SCORM.

Success completion criteria

This section decides how the LMS knows if  a user has passed the course.

User Access

Adobe Captivate SCORM Settings The user can complete by simply accessing the course and/or the Quiz if you have one. You can choose how many of your slides a learner needs to access by editing the Slide Views. You can edit the percentage of slides or refine it to a certain number of slides before they are marked ‘Complete’. We would recommend that if using User Access, you choose that the learner views 100% of your slides.

Slide View and/Or Quiz

Settings for Adobe Captivate Choose that a learner is set to complete when they view your slides AND/OR when they have passed the Quiz. If you choose Quiz,  and “Quiz is Passed” or Quiz attempt limit is reached” from the drop-down, you should also choose the Status Representation of Incomplete – Pass/Fail.

Data to Report

This section dictates what data is sent back to your LMS and in what format.

Quiz Score

There are two options, percentage or points format. Choose the one that’s most appropriate.

Interaction Data

Send details of any interactions your user makes with the SCORM back to your LMS. Such as the total time spent on the course. We recommend using this setting to get more granular data for your reports. Review the scoring, slide duration and styling options before moving on to the publishing stage. When you have finished applying these settings you are ready to publish your course.

Step 2: Publish options

Click on the Publish button in the main ribbon. To publish a SCORM file you choose the ‘publish to computer’ setting. how to publish SCORM content in Adobe Captivate

  • Choose the output option: Choose HTML
  • Choose the title of the project
  • Change the location for download (e.g. desktop, downloads)

Step 3: Upload to your LMS

You’re ready to upload your SCORM course to your LMS. Add a SCORM module to a course in LearnUpon and upload this SCORM zip folder. Simple!


  • Tatiana Sokolova

    Hello, the export to pdf option is not available for my presentation upon selecting publish. Is this because I am using captivate 2017 or another issue? Thanks

    1 reply 2018-07-03 09:30:29
    • Eoghan

      Hi Tatiana, Let's see, There should be a checkbox on the publish screen to publish to PDF (under output format). Alternatively, you can go to 'print', print the slides to word format, and then convert that file to PDF. Let me know if that helps?

  • Balaji

    Good Info. I have a question: I don't want to use a quiz slide, but a regular slide and want to perform following tasks. I have set the reporting parameters to SCORM1.2 in preferences. Capture a free text on 2 different  "Text Entry Boxes" , favorite food and favorite city of  user (Not using short answer quiz slide) Submit the answers to  LMS on click of a button, that executes javascript. This is the javascript code that I have written and not sure about it var v_food = window.cpAPIInterface.getVariableValue("food"); var v_city = window.cpAPIInterface.getVariableValue("city"); SCORM_CallLMSSetValue('cmi.interactions.0.LMS_food', v_food); SCORM_CallLMSSetValue('cmi.interactions.0.LMS_city', v_city); The whole idea is to transmit custom generated data to LMS and retrieve the same as needed. Any help is highly appreciated. 

    1 reply 2020-05-25 13:15:25
    • Olivia McGarry

      Hi Balaji, Thanks for your comment. We recommend you contact your authoring tool provider's support team for this issue.

  • Duncan

    I second Balaji's comment. Is there a simple way to record user inputted text? Im trying to use captivate to make a very simple interactive presentation of my research followed by a short survey to elicit expert feedback. But I cant find anyway to record and keep track of such expert's feedback?

    1 reply 2020-08-27 10:30:04
    • Emma

      Hi Duncan, thanks for the question. I suggest you reach out to Adobe Captivate for this. I'm sure they will be able to provide you with the advice and guidance you need.

  • Sandra

    Thank you for this information. I am having a problem with getting the learning to fit the screen. When I publish it and post it to the LMS , it is too big for the screen. I watched a video and it demonstrated publishing in responsive but that facility does not seem to be working for me? Do I need to pay additional cost for this? It was not a problem in the previous version. The learning is required to be watched on a laptop and a tablet.

    1 reply 2020-12-15 12:39:28
    • Emma

      Hi Sandra, I'd suggest reaching out to your design tool or LMS provider. They should be able to help you fix any issues you are having with your content.





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