LearnUpon introduces Learning Paths

We are very excited to announce the release of our new Learning Paths feature to LearnUpon. Learning Paths will give our customers much more control in how they roll training out to their learners, giving them the ability to control both the order in which courses get assigned to learners and the timeframe in which these courses become available. Learning Paths will be ideal for customers who want to build structured learning programmes for their learners, for example setting up a “New Hire Learning Path” which would see the various courses a new employee needs to cover rolled out to them in a logical order, e.g. Orientation followed by Policies and Procedures followed by Health and Safety, etc.

New Hire Learning Path

As with all things in LearnUpon creating your Learning Paths is super easy, you just drag and drop the courses into your path, order them as required and decide if the learners should automatically be enrolled in the next course on the path or if the next course should be assigned X days later. You can also decide if you want to award a certificate or learning credits to learners who successfully complete the learning path, perfect for certificate programmes you might be rolling out.


Once published, a learning path can be assigned to users either individually or to groups of learners, all done from a single screen. We have also built some excellent reporting features to make it easy for administrators to quickly see how far learners have progressed through their assigned learning paths (see following screenshot).

LP Progress Screen

Learning Paths are now live and available to all our customers to use, you can quickly enable them in the Settings area of your LearnUpon portal. For those new to LearnUpon, if you would like to try out this feature (plus all the other great features LearnUpon has to offer) click here to sign-up for a free 30 day trial and see for yourself why so many companies each month choose LearnUpon as their LMS.