How LearnUpon has been designed

When we started out we wanted to build LearnUpon for the future. That being the case we decided to code it in HTML 5 and using some of elements CSS3. We are not using the more fringe elements so that the application can run in IE8/Firefox 3.6. There is a nice resource on what supports what elements here. The application has been written in Ruby on Rails as this framework and language offers flexibility along with a base to build an API (more of which later).

We love jquery which allow us to some nice things like drag and dropping of content between courses. The problem with using it is to know when to stop! The initial version of the application went a bit to far but now we are happy with the mix.
The application has been built with the concept of offering a (near) full API sometime in early 2012. We want to offer LearnUpon to application developers so that they can concentrate on building learning applications without having to worry about the more mundane tasks of course tracking etc. The API is RESTful which is becoming more and more the standard.
The whole application is hosted in cloud, using Amazon buckets for data storage. We looked at using at a number of different databases for storage e.g. Oracle/Mongo DB but in the end felt that MySQL would be more suited.
The most important part of it has been the team, which has been amazing. The members are based in different countries, but with Skype & Github we got around it! It has taken a lot of hard work but we are really proud of LearnUpon. And we are not finished yet, there is lots more to come, keep an eye out for a future blog post covering our roadmap.