Users & Groups

Create user roles and groups to help deliver your training effectively


Map users and groups to your eLearning requirements

  • Easily manage your course enrollments by department, job role and location
  • Assign different catalogs of courses to specific groups of users
  • ​​Reduce administration time by delegating tasks. Administrator, Instructor, and Manager roles available​
  • ​Instructors can create and manage courses, receive assignments and facilitate your Instructor led training​
  • Managers can oversee and report on the users who belong to the groups that they manage



Create groups for distinct segments of your users

Groups can have courses or learning paths assigned to them and have access to specific course catalogs and resources.  A group can function like an enrollment engine. Enrolling an entire group in a course is much quicker than enrolling each separate individual. You can also give all learners in a group access to specific course catalogs and resources that only they see.

Managers oversee groups

Assign manager roles to manage one or multiple groups including the ability to run reports on their own team members. You can filter by group in your reports to isolate information about particular segments of users. Managers can also be given permission to create their own users and enroll them in courses.

Instructors facilitate courses

You can delegate the facilitation of courses to instructors. Instructors can receive and respond to messages from learners to ensure that learners are supported. Instructors can also manage and carry out ILT sessions such as face-to-face training and webinars, oversee assignments, receive submissions and provide learners with feedback.


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