Seamlessly integrate your training data with your CRM

Improve employee, customer and partner performance

  • Easily integrate your LMS tasks with your CRM workflow
  • Reduce administrative time by assigning courses directly from Salesforce
  • Automatically sync users and contacts
  • No technical expertise required to integrate LearnUpon and Salesforce
  • Combine your CRM and LMS data for powerful analytics and reporting



Easy access saves time and increases engagement

Seamlessly train your users, contacts and community members by providing direct access to LearnUpon from within your CRM organization. Learners will only have to sign in once to Salesforce and can access LearnUpon from their Salesforce dashboard saving them time and increasing engagement.

Actionable and real-time reporting

Connecting LearnUpon and your CRM data takes just a few clicks. LearnUpon sends training data to your CRM environment in real-time, giving you up-to-date data when you need it. You can easily generate reports within your CRM for all your training needs.


Gain insights from combined LMS and CRM data

Analyze your customer or partner training with other customer details to gain deeper insights. Create your own custom reports within your CRM to get an insight on performance or use our real-time information display and widgets. Quickly see what courses are assigned to your learners by using the real-time information display and widgets.

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