Branding & White-labeling

Customize the look and feel of your LMS

Deliver an individualized user experience for your customers, partners, resellers

  • Bring your own look and feel to LearnUpon, in minutes
  • Give your eLearning a strong visual identity
  • Make LearnUpon your own, use your own company website
  • Show your commitment to your external audiences




Brand your LMS

LearnUpon allows you to upload your logo and banner images, and choose your preferred styling and colors. You can use configurable dashboard panels to keep learners up to date and assign administrators to manage branding and configuration for different audiences.


Easily create branded portals

Each portal you create get its own unique website address to access. You can easily brand each portal with a unique look and feel in minutes by changing the colors of the interface and the headings and logos used. Let each audience experience your LMS as an extension of your brand. Personalize automated email templates to match your audience.

White-label LearnUpon to make it your own

LearnUpon can be set up with white-labeling, using your company or business website domains or subdomains, like or This is ideal for training users as part of a service you deliver to external audiences (commonly referred to as Extended Enterprise). You can also customize emails and notifications to match your audience’s communication style.


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