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How Version 1 centralized its employee training

Founded over 20 years ago, Version 1 provides IT services and solutions to brands around the world.

With its employee numbers soaring, the business needed a way to efficiently train its workforce, in order to ensure standards remained high for their customers.

Equipped with LearnUpon LMS, Version 1 implemented a strong employee learning and development strategy. It has empowered the team to centralize learning activities, reduce the administrative pain of rolling out training, and capture the training that is taking place within the organization.

“LearnUpon has allowed us to centralize our training and eliminate the tedious admin tasks associated with managing it. That’s been tremendously powerful for us.”

Emer Fogarty

Learning & Development Analyst at Version 1

Sporadic, difficult to track training

As a service provider, customer success is top priority for Version 1.

With a strong focus on meeting its customers’ needs, the brand wanted to implement training, mandatory and soft-skills, that would ensure every employee was getting the right training, at the right time.

The company had been doing some face-to-face training, albeit it was sporadic and often off-the-cuff. And being a rapidly expanding business, this made employee education a manual, tedious task to track.

Version 1 decided to invest in a learning management system. One that would remove the manual process from delivering training, enable them to efficiently train each employee, and importantly, measure the learning that’s happening throughout the organization.

Centralized all training activities

Reduced admin pain of manual training

Accurate tracking and reporting

‘Tremendously powerful’ automated, measurable training

Version 1 singled out LearnUpon LMS as the solution for their training needs. And the platform proved to have the vital features they wanted to deliver impactful training within the business.

Principally, LearnUpon helped to centralize training. All of the learning activity taking place, the content being used, the employees receiving training, is now all held in one, easily accessible location.

Not only is everything consolidated, but it’s also much simpler to manage. Version 1’s learning and development team have taken advantage of LearnUpon’s automation features that make their everyday tasks simpler.

Integrating with the HR software, BambooHR, means every new hire that joins is automatically added to the LMS. They’re enrolled in their courses, get notifications about their training, and are automatically removed when they leave the company.

Even reporting on the learning taking place is much more efficient. Laborious manual tracking is no more. The team can effortlessly see exactly what learning is happening by who and when in just a few clicks.

“We can pull reports that tell us who has done training, who has failed, and who is only starting. And when someone leaves our company, they’re removed. Our team doesn't have to worry about it. It all happens in the background. That just saves so much time.”

Emer Fogarty

Learning & Development Analyst at Version 1

As a team ramping up their training efforts, it’s not just the features of LearnUpon that Version 1 appreciate, it’s the on-going support they receive too.

“What’s really stood out for me is the customer support. It’s second to none. They’re always on hand to help.”

Emer Fogarty

Learning & Development Analyst at Version 1

Looking to the future, Version 1 is planning to significantly expand the learning activities on offer to their employees. From an onboarding suite of training to learning paths to additional mandatory training, the team is going full steam ahead, developing automated, measurable training through LearnUpon LMS.