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LearnUpon drives a successful launch for mytaxi’s Irish fleet

The popular taxi booking app, Hailo, waved goodbye to commuters when it merged with Daimler subsidiary mytaxi, making it Europe’s largest taxi e-hailing company. In Ireland alone, 10k+ Hailo drivers needed to be prepped for the move and trained on the new app in time for mytaxi’s launch. To do this, Hailo turned to LearnUpon for a quick to set up, intuitive learning solution. Within 5 weeks they’d taken their new training program from inception to roll out, designing the content, building and testing the course, before successfully releasing the training to their 10k+ registered drivers.

“From the first demo we were impressed with LearnUpon and what it offers for mobile training. We needed a quick setup, easy access, and highly scalable solution - LearnUpon met all of our needs.”

Niall Carson,

Head of Sales, mytaxi

Critical business change

Hailo’s merger with mytaxi created Europe’s largest taxi e-hailing company with 100,000 drivers, in over 50 cities, in 9 countries. Combined, these two companies operated as mytaxi, after sun setting Hailo’s app and branding in favor of one, unified customer experience. Changing apps risked a steep learning curve for Hailo’s busy drivers. While similar, the Hailo and mytaxi apps have crucial differences in their imagery and driver workflows. This had the potential to cause significant confusion for drivers, which could have impacted their services. Hailo Ireland needed to be confident that their drivers could hit the ground running with mytaxi, carrying fares as normal, with no disruption to service.

Scaling up for a successful launch 

To support this high stakes app migration, mytaxi needed to train a large number of mobile users in a short amount of time. That’s when Hailo got in touch with LearnUpon. After discussing a strategy for driver training, they found that LearnUpon’s easy-to-use, quick to set up, and highly scalable solution was exactly what they needed. They could also be confident that a Customer Success Manager would be on hand to consult on their implementation plan, ensuring they could achieve their goals.

“As we were working with a short timeline, we loved the idea of customer success; working on a critical business challenge it was great to have someone there to help get the project off on the right track, and to provide advice and support as we built our programme and prepared for launch.”

Niall Carson,

Head of Sales, mytaxi

Training rolled out for 10K+ drivers in 5 weeks

The training needed to look great on mobile, so LearnUpon’s responsive design was a natural fit, as all courses automatically resize for mobile display. LearnUpon also made the training accessible anywhere, anytime for Hailo’s busy drivers. From their first orientation in LearnUpon it took their team just five weeks to design and build their app migration courses, to rolling the training out to drivers in Ireland. Flexible, scalable, and offering excellent success and support, LearnUpon were the perfect training partner for Hailo’s app migration; so when mytaxi launched, their drivers were prepped and ready to go!