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[Whitepaper] Trends, Challenges, and Rewards: eLearning in 2018

We asked over 200 businesses about their eLearning strategy and collated their responses in our new whitepaper - Trends, Challenges, and Rewards: eLearning in 2018. Available to download now, you can read about their experiences with online training. In this sneak preview, we share our respondents' insights on the return on investment (ROI) from their eLearning and how these findings are applicable to you.


The ROI of Online Training

When investing in any software, including an LMS, it’s essential to consider your return on investment (ROI). Businesses need to ensure that their LMS is delivering the results they want. From our survey results, it’s encouraging to know that the majority of the respondents who had an LMS considered it to be good value for money, with an overwhelming 77.78% responding positively to this question. Only 22.22% said they didn’t think their LMS was worth what they paid for it. Reasons for why were diverse. However, inadequate features, overly expensive systems, limited reporting, and lack of support were common pain points mentioned. [Whitepaper] Trends, Challenges, and Rewards: eLearning in 2018 Considering the wide variety of LMSs that were being used by respondents (28), it’s fair to say many businesses are overwhelmed by the choice on the market. The data suggests that many are ending up with a solution which isn’t right for them. To ensure you get the best LMS for your organization, research the features you need and the problem you wish to solve. Are you looking for a solution to streamline compliance training? Ask yourself, does this LMS have features that let me track who has completed a course? Can I automate enrollments when the next compliance period is due? Considering an LMS to train partners and in-house staff? Discover if the LMS gives you options for branding, messaging and access to content so the user experience can be tailored to different audiences. Knowing how your LMS supports your specific needs will help to identify how it provides value for your business and delivers the results you want.

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