[Video] 10 Things to Consider When Selecting an LMS

How to choose a learning management system (LMS)

With more than 600 learning management systems available globally, selecting one can be a big challenge. When you have hundreds of options to consider, where do you even start? Luckily LearnUpon’s CEO Brendan Noud has overseen 200 LMS implementations during 13 years’ experience in the eLearning market. Brendan, recently hosted a webinar entitled ’10 Things to Consider When Selecting an LMS’ that you can watch below. 


What you’ll learn:

1. Unwanted Features

2. Mobile Support

3. Integrations (APIs, SSO)

4. Customer Support

5. Content Support

6. Approach to pricing

7. Product Roadmap

8. Scalability, Reliability , and Security

9. Implementation Timeframe

10. Hidden Costs

About Brendan Noud

  • Over 13 years LMS/ eLearning experience
  • Worked directly on 300+ LMS Implementations
  • Launched LearnUpon in June 2012, today LearnUpon has over
  • 600 customer worldwide
  • Twitter: @brendannoud