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How to Convert your eLearning PowerPoint to Video

“How can I improve my PowerPoints?” – it’s a question we get asked frequently and we’re always happy to answer!

Converting PowerPoint to video has lots of positive implications for your training and luckily, it’s a very simple process too. We thought we’d share a quick walkthrough of how to do it and some of the benefits you get when you turn PowerPoint into video.

How to turn PowerPoint into Video?

Here are the steps you should follow to quickly convert your PowerPoint slides into video:

1. Open your PowerPoint presentation.

2. If you’d like to add audio to your slides, now is the time. You can do this by going to the ‘Insert’ tab and clicking the ‘Audio’ button. From here, you can upload pre-recorded audio or record audio for each slide right then.powerpoint eLearning

For each slide, repeat the process to add the audio you want.

Alternatively, if you don’t want audio, just skip this step. Or you can convert your slides to video and use a tool like Camtasia to insert audio at a later stage instead.

3. Now it’s time to convert the slides to video. Go to the ‘Info’ tab in the ‘File’ section at the top of your screen. Click on the ‘Export” button.

turn powerpoint to video

Here you’ll see ‘Create a Video’. Click this and you’ll be shown export options including ‘Presentation Quality’ and ‘Seconds spent on each slide’.

turn powerpoint into video

Pick the settings you want and then you’re ready to click ‘Create Video’ and you’re done!

Note: The above screenshots are from a PC. If you are using a Mac the process is very similar. You click ‘File’ and ‘Export’ once again and you’ll be shown a drop-down of options you can choose to convert your slides. For video, pick the MP4 option to create your video.

If you’re using Google Slides, you can also convert them to video by downloading your slides as a PowerPoint and following the above steps.

Why should you convert your PowerPoint to Video?

There are lots of reasons why you should convert your PowerPoint slides to video for your eLearning courses, including:

Preserves your presentation

One of the biggest benefits of turning PowerPoint to video is that it preserves the animation, transitions, audio or videos that you have added to your slides. Nothing is lost when you upload it to your learning management system so it looks as good as ever.

Increases engagement

An ordinary PowerPoint presentation, with no audio or video, can be a little unengaging. However, a video with audio, images and more makes your content come to life. Your learners are more likely to watch your video, absorb the information and achieve their learning goals.

Learners can’t skip

An invaluable feature that your LMS should have is video tracking. For example with LearnUpon when you add a video to a course and use video tracking, it means your learners have to watch your whole video. If they click to open a new browser tab, the video stops and it only continues to play when the learner goes back to the tab containing the video.

It’s a handy feature as it ensures your learners actively watch every second of the video. 

Try PowerPoint to Video yourself

Converting your PowerPoint presentations to video is an incredibly fast and simple way to develop engaging, resourceful content for your training. Try it out and see if it works for you and your learners.





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