Top eLearning Reads: 2016

With 2016 drawing to a close, we thought we’d outline some of our favorite eLearning reads from throughout the year. Here are a selection of articles from 2016 that we believe even seasoned eLearning professionals will find useful.


Marc My Words: The xAPI Breakthrough: Learning Solutions Magazine

Guest writer for Learning Solutions Magazine Marc Rosenberg, delves into what xAPI means, rather than explaining the technology behind it. He explains in straightforward terms how xAPI can track almost any eLearning activity.


How to get better at building courses: The Rapid eLearning Blog

Tom Kuhlmann was at conference when he was asked how eLearning professionals could get better at building eLearning courses. He outlines the processes he uses in this post.

How to Speed Up Your eLearning Authoring Process:  Elucidat      

eLearning authoring should be quick and easy. So SMEs or stakeholders outside your organization shouldn’t be slowing down your processes  Steve Penfold suggests three ways you can speed your eLearning authoring without spending extra money.

LMS Decision Making Criteria B4 U Buy:   

Craig Weiss is a well-known eLearning industry expert and writer of the blog elearning247. Here he highlights the factors that have helped him in the past when buying an LMS; there’re definitely some that will resonate with you!

Infographic: The Periodic Table of Instructional Design: eLearning Brothers 

eLearning Brothers have created a neat  infographic that is a quick guide to instructional design terms presented as a periodic table. Great for those new to instructional design.  Each “element” of the instructional design process is broken down into one of the five groups according to its properties and its level of importance in the instructional design process.

Best Practices in Blended Learning:  The eLearning Coach

eLearning coach Connie Malamed has looked at the research on blended learning, and in this article she shares her insights on the top ten best practices when designing successful blended learning courses.

Finding Incredible artwork to build beautiful eLearning without breaking the budget: eLearning Architect 

In this article, Ant Pugh outlines the process he took creating images to build an engaging course for a client without breaking the bank. He was sick of seeing the same – sometimes irrelevant – stock images used again and again in eLearning courses. To keep learners engaged, he needed to come up with a solution that allowed him keep a professional look and feel throughout the course, but also gave him flexibility to create a variety of images that complimented the learning material.

4 Easy Ways To Win Over Reluctant SMEs: eLearning Heroes 

Subject matter experts play a vital role in your course being successful. They’re the people you turn to when you need practical examples or technical detail. However, if your SMEs are not engaging with you this can be a challenge. eLearning Heroes suggest ways to turn the most uninterested SMEs into the most engaged team members.