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Why Springstone Learning Recommend LearnUpon

With significant experience in the financial services training industry, Springstone Learning have developed a range of solutions, specifically designed for financial services businesses. With a selection of 'off-the-shelf' content, as well as bespoke development services, Springstone is dedicated to providing current and effective training for your business.

“We always knew that the right Learning Management System would be crucial to the success our business. We needed a solution that could deliver a variety of features required by both ourselves and our clients. LearnUpon met all of these requirements, as well as many more, which makes it a very powerful and effective LMS.”

Choosing LearnUpon LMS

“We tried multiple LMSes before coming across LearnUpon, and what made it stand out was the way in which it allowed us to manage a large number of clients easily and effectively. Features such as client portals, groups and the ability to grant users different permissions made it ideal for the set-up we were looking for.“

Benefits of Using LearnUpon

“LearnUpon has allowed us to work much more efficiently and to grow our business substantially. It's also allowed us to work with a broad range of clients, as we're able to accommodate to a variety of specific requirements.”

Why Springstone Learning recommends LearnUpon

“We would absolutely recommend LearnUpon as the first solution for people to look at. The wide range of features and services would make it ideal for anyone needing to manage learners. The support that LearnUpon provides is also out-of-this-world, and we cannot thank them enough for their tireless efforts to accommodate any requests, comments

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Train your employees, partners, and customers with LearnUpon. The powerful learning management system that has the features and a knowledgeable team you need to achieve training success.

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