How to sell online courses with Shopify

Sell your courses online by integrating your LMS with Shopify

If you’ve created a really great course, you may have dreamed of selling it online. Good learning management systems now make that possible. eLearning platforms with strong eCommerce features make it simple for any Subject Matter Expert or training team to sell online courses. One of the best eCommerce platforms is Shopify, which allows you to create a customized store. And if you use LearnUpon, you can even integrate your LMS with Shopify to publish courses directly to your store.

Sell online courses with Shopify and LearnUpon

eCommerce features are used by 40% of our customers at LearnUpon. In 2015 alone, $2.1 million in course sales were made through our eCommerce platform. And it’s easy to see why! It takes less than two minutes to integrate LearnUpon’s LMS with Shopify. And then you’re ready to provide a simple and secure experience to sell online courses to customers all over the world.
You can also connect your store to Google Analytics to track how your visitors behave and convert. And you can use our SEO features to create keywords, meta tags and descriptions that improve your store’s rankings in search engines like Google.


How it works

If you installed LearnUpon through the Shopify App Store, the feature will already be enabled in your portal. Skip to the section heading below: “If you installed LearnUpon via the Shopify App Store”.

Otherwise, email support and we’ll enable Shopify features in your LMS.


Once Shopify has been enabled on your portal, you can configure your preferences by going to:

>> Settings tab
>> E-Commerce

You will then see the following tab:

How to sell sell courses online with an LMS

Shopify can only be enabled if no other payment gateways (eg. PayPal, Stripe, have been enabled on your learning portal.


If no other payment gateways have been enabled, you will see the following tab which you can use to configure Shopify:

How an use an eLearning platform to sell courses online

When you connect your Shopify store to your portal, you will see a code and some script that you will need in order to proceed. Copy and paste the code into your Shopify store settings. The code will automatically enroll learners who have purchased an online course in your Shopify store.

You will also need to copy some code from LearnUpon and paste it to your Shopify store. Once you configure Shopify, some changes will be made to LearnUpon’s default eCommerce settings. After you connect to Shopify, the LearnUpon store itself does not operate. Store URLs will redirect customers to your Shopify storefront instead.


If you installed LearnUpon via the Shopify App Store

Sell online courses with Shopify


After you install the LearnUpon app in your Shopify store, you will be be sent to a sign in page:

Connect your LMS to Shopify to sell courses

If you have already created a LearnUpon account, you can login here. You will then be sent to the Shopify settings page in LearnUpon.


If you don’t already have a LearnUpon account, you will need to:

  • Click the ‘Sign up for a free trial’ button.
  • Fill in the registration form and click the confirmation email.
  • eCommerce will be auto-enabled on your portal and you will be connected to Shopify.
  • Once you have logged in, you will land on the dashboard page. You will see a dialog directing you to copy the script code from LearnUpon to your Shopify settings page.

How to sell online courses


Connecting LearnUpon courses with Shopify store items

You must connect your LearnUpon courses with items in your Shopify store before you can sell them. You can do this by going to the Edit screen of a course. Click on the Sales tab and select the Shopify store item related to the course:

Use your learning management system to sell courses with Shopify

In this example, ‘Introduction to Health & Safety Training’ could be the name of the Shopify store item.


Purchasing courses

After a learner purchases a course they will be redirected to a ‘Thank You’ page.

Use a cloud-based LMS to sell online courses

The user will then be redirected to their LearnUpon dashboard. If a user already has a LearnUpon account, they will be automatically logged in. If the user does not have a LearnUpon account already, they will be prompted to create a new password when they login to LearnUpon for the first time.


How to sell courses on Shopify with LearnUpon's learning management system


And that’s it! You’re ready to sell online courses with LearnUpon and Shopify. For even more top tips read, How to successfully sell your online courses.