Say hello to the new LearnUpon HQ

Say hello to LearnUpon's new HQ

We’ve always known that LearnUpon is going places. With offices in Belgrade and Sydney, we also now have a brand new European HQ, on Arran Quay in Dublin, Ireland. Last Friday, we gathered friends, family and some of our valued customers to warm our beautiful new space in the heart of the city. An evening filled with celebrations gave us a chance to toast what’s been a head-spinning journey so far, to thank some of you who contributed, and share a glimpse at where we’re going next.

Customers wall LearnUpon HQ

4 years, 7 offices

LearnUpon’s first ‘office’ was really the kitchen table where the founders set out their vision to build a cloud based LMS that would shake up the market. LearnUpon would once and for all solve the frustrations that so many companies and organizations experienced with their LMS vendor. From these modest beginnings, things quickly moved into overdrive when LearnUpon was selected for the LaunchPad startup accelerator run by Dublin's National Digital Research Centre.

After rapid early success, CEO Brendan and CTO Des took the fledgling company to LearnUpon’s first home of its own, on Baggot Street in August 2013. Unlike the move to Smithfield, this one didn’t go so smoothly. The new office wasn’t ready when Shane, LearnUpon’s first hire, was due to start. Brendan and Shane were left to share a desk in the world’s smallest room (measuring only 3m x 2m) for three weeks until the new office was ready. That temporary home was the “coziest” office in LearnUpon’s history for sure!

The Baggot St. office soon welcomed LearnUpon’s first marketing and account management hires, Caroline and Caoimhín. But by 2014 that office was also outgrown and we were off once again to Leeson Street. That last office should have housed the company for at least two years. But another spurt of rapid growth meant that by November 2015 smaller desks were sought in an attempt to squeeze in all of the new hires needed to serve an ever growing list of customers.

A home we'll grow into

With all of our past locations outgrown so quickly, it was important that we found an office that could handle us for a while. Getting there wasn’t easy. Finding a suitable space in a bustling city like Dublin turned out to be quite the search! We had special conditions we needed to meet, including lots of meeting rooms for account managers to demo our LMS to everyone who wants to see it. After daily check-in calls with letting agents and nearly 20 viewings, we felt lucky to find our office in Smithfield. But we’ll be here for the foreseeable future, in a space that can house all of our plans for the expanding Dublin team.

Account managers at work in LearnUpon's new HQ

Lucky for us, the team couldn’t love their new home more! There are new facilities – a kitchen that can fit everyone at once, stocked with fruit and all kinds of treats. There are meeting rooms for all – account managers, customer success, AND customer support. And we’re already feeling the benefits of all that light and air.

Phily selling a cloud learning management system

We’re settling into the Smithfield neighborhood too. It’s an area of Dublin that combines the old and new. While it’s rapidly filling with successful young companies like us, its role in the city’s commercial life extends back to a 17th-century marketplace. After just a few weeks, we already have favourite lunch spots (a hotly contested toss up between K Chido and Meat Wagon), favorite takeaways for the night crew, and new friends.

LearnUpon CEO Brendan Noud with Thomas Smith of eBSI

A night we remembered

With the team proud of their new home, we invited some of our favorite people to help us celebrate. It was soundtracked by a Spotify playlist, filled with delicious food and drinks, and included a raffle that raised almost €300 for Special Olympics Ireland. We toasted that journey on Friday: how the ambition to build a better LMS came to sustain a rapidly growing team of forty. As we looked around the rows and rows of desks and faces, the kitchen table seemed very far away!

A lucky winner in our raffle for Special Olympics Ireland

Where next?

But the operations team isn’t ready to rest! That’s only the latest leg of the LearnUpon journey. There are a few empty desks in the Dublin HQ that we intend to fill very soon. And we’re already using all of our experience to mastermind LearnUpon’s next move – new office spaces for the teams in the US and Australia. So stay tuned – there’s lots more coming from the team very soon! And thank you for being part of the journey.




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