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Risk Factory Improves Customer Satisfaction & Reduces Overheads by 60%

Risk Factory, an award-winning Information Security and Risk Management consultancy practice, specializes in helping organizations to “secure the human”. Filling a gap in the market with their cybersecurity training, they offer clients an effective way to improve their workforce’s security awareness culture. And by using LearnUpon to manage and deliver their courses they’ve made significant cost savings for their business.

“We could manage everything in-house with LearnUpon which was a big win for us and, where appropriate, we could give our clients admin access to their portals. This reduced our resource and support costs by 60%.”

Nick Roberts, Risk Factory

Securing the human with online training

Risk Factory knows that organizations are stronger when their information security is reliable. Yet so many organizations overlook educating employees in security information. Divulged passwords, clicks of compromised links, sensitive documents thrown in the trash - human error accounts for 70% of information security breaches. It's a risk organizations can easily reduce by training their staff.

Risk Factory wanted to fill this gap. They wanted to educate workforces on how to handle sensitive information. With an instructional designer, they developed a portfolio of information security eLearning SCORM packages to help companies.

All they needed was an LMS that enabled them and their clients to deploy the training effortlessly.

Manage everything in one system

Prior to switching to LearnUpon, Risk Factory was using a third party provider’s own in-house LMS. However, it was cumbersome and expensive to make changes to content as they had to rely on the provider to complete these tasks. They quickly realized they needed a system they could manage themselves. Risk Factory’s new LMS had to:

LearnUpon ticked all of these boxes! The ability to manage everything in-house was a big win for them. They could also give their clients admin access to their personalized portals which saved them support overhead. This benefit alone has reduced their resource costs by 60%.

Demonstrable results

To ensure their clients are prepared before courses are deployed to employees, Risk Factory developed a checklist. It brought huge efficiencies, reduced errors, and made the whole process more effective for them and their customers.

Course completion rates are strong and Risk Factory’s clients have been impressed with how well they’re performing. Mechanisms within the platform such as configurable email notifications and reports to identify non-completions supported their clients in increasing the uptake of courses.

Vitally for Risk Factory, they need to prove training has been successfully completed. An LMS that captures metrics is a must. In LearnUpon, survey's and quizzes did just that. This data can be aggregated and used as a benchmark for next year’s training. This means organizations can set targets to track improvements in their security awareness culture.

A critical feature that offers their clients an easy way to demonstrate that they comply with legislation and that the cyber and information security culture of their workforce is improving too.

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