How MSI used an LMS to drive rapid growth

How MSI used an LMS to Drive Rapid Growth

The Management and Strategy Institute (MSI) enjoyed a sudden surge in demand when they expanded their certification offerings in early 2014. While the management team was pleased with the success of their new training programs, growth exposed serious weaknesses in the organization's LMS.

Most worryingly, the learning management system proved incapable of delivering the flexibility the business urgently needed. When MSI went in search of a learning solution that could deliver through rapid growth, they chose LearnUpon. Here's why.

Meet MSI

MSI delivers certified courses to professionals who want to enhance their knowledge of management and business-related fields. MSI's courses are particularly popular with corporate clients and individuals who want to update their resume with new professional skills.

When MSI launched a series of Six Sigma certifications, including a Six Sigma Black Belt certification, two years ago, their existing LMS struggled to cope with the rise in demand they quickly experienced.

What business challenges did you need your LMS to address?

We were using an inferior LMS when we launched our expanded Six Sigma certification offerings. That learning management system couldn't scale to support the growing number of learners who relied on it. The pricing structure offered by our LMS provider turned out to be a big problem too.

It was impractical in the situation we experienced and didn't make sense for a quickly growing business. We needed an LMS that could handle a high volume of new customer registrations while also offering a flexible pricing model. Functionality was equally important.

From previous experience, we knew high-quality LMS features such as SCORM compatibility were essential. And the LMS had to be intuitive and easy-to-use for both administrators and learners.

Why did you choose LearnUpon?

Our search for a replacement learning solution took months. There are so many learning management systems on the market and the differences between them can be confusing. So we focused on the features we knew we needed to support the most important people in our business - our learners.

That's what drew us to LearnUpon. The LMS had a simple, intuitive interface and a broad range of features that hit all of our requirements. We were particularly excited about the white label option that allowed us to completely integrate the LMS into our website to offer a seamless user experience. LearnUpon's tiered pricing structure also really suited us. This flexible pricing model assured us that we could scale affordably as our learner base continued to expand.

The final factor in our decision-making was the highly personalized customer service we received. We saw that LearnUpon really cared about MSI and our business. From our first call, it was clear that it wasn't just about getting us over the line as a customer.

The account managers took the time to understand our business and show how the LMS would work if we chose LearnUpon. The team was even able to customize some features we required.

What benefits have MSI enjoyed since implementing LearnUpon?

Everyone in MSI has benefited in some way from the move to LearnUpon. The implementation of the LMS itself went incredibly smoothly. The learning platform worked perfectly from the beginning. The user registration process is as simple as we had hoped.

We've enjoyed fast and efficient customer service throughout. Our managers and admins love how easy to use the platform is. Management is also pleased with the financial saving LearnUpon's sensible pricing model delivers.

But the real winners of the switch to LearnUpon are the students who now enjoy a superior learning experience.

Would you recommend LearnUpon?

Definitely. Having experienced two learning management systems, MSI knows how critical the right solution is to supporting growth. LearnUpon’s LMS is easy to use for learners, administrators and managers. That's important to any organization invested in customer service and user experience.

We've also found LearnUpon's LMS to be incredibly flexible. The platform is simple, yet powerful enough to handle the swiftly evolving requirements of an expanding eLearning company. The personal, prompt customer service we receive has made our experience with LearnUpon a pleasure.

Given our experience of two learning management systems, LearnUpon is by far the superior option.




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