How Marshall ACM Delivers Training to 250+ Clients with LearnUpon LMS

Marshall ACM is an eLearning consultancy firm that is on the rise. With 50+ courses on offer including diversity and inclusion training, the company is fast becoming a leading training specialist, serving many of the UK’s top businesses and universities.

As an online training provider, the number one priority for Marshall ACM is to have a reliable, user-friendly way for each and every one of its clients to deliver learning. Importantly, the business also needs to have the ability to create unique learning environments for these clients in a simple, scalable way. LearnUpon’s LMS proved to be the ideal solution. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface and powerful multi-portal functionality, the platform has become core to Marshall ACM’s success and growth.

“Since using LearnUpon we’ve become the leading eLearning provider for staff development training in higher education. And a big part of that has enabled us to support the logistics of eLearning via LearnUpon.”

David Marshall, CEO and founder of Marshall ACM

Marshall ACM + LearnUpon: The Highlights

The search for a reliable, user-friendly, scalable solution

Established in 2002, the Marshall ACM team have a lot of experience with different learning management systems. However, not all of these experiences have been positive. Having searched the market, they had tested everything from in-house systems to commercial platforms and found many of them didn’t quite hit the mark. A key issue was reliability.

With compliance training being the business’s bread and butter, the courses being delivered had to be accurately tracked for record keeping. But, many of the solutions made tracking difficult and inaccurate.

“You could see someone had started a course, but it was very difficult to track it, and sometimes there were even mistakes. The reporting would say they hadn’t completed the training, but the user was sure they had. It was becoming an ongoing administrative issue that was undermining the credibility of the training that was being put out.”

David Marshall, CEO and founder of Marshall ACM

The administration was also a pain point. Clients commented on systems being overly complex and that there was too much administrator overhead involved. For the Marshall ACM team, when they had shown their clients the courses on diversity and unconscious bias training they positively engaged with the content. However, it was disappointing on both sides if a clunky LMS became a barrier to accessing and completing the training.

A user-friendly solution that was easy to implement became a must. Finally, with hundreds of clients each with their own unique goals, Marshall ACM wanted to make the way training was delivered personalized and configurable. This meant each client would need their own distinct learning environment that was simple and scalable to build.

LearnUpon’s LMS: Tried, tested, client approved

After hearing of LearnUpon and seeing that the platform had the features needed, Marshall ACM decided to put it to the test. It passed with flying colors.

“We tried it out with colleagues, a group of six clients, and they all responded that they really liked the system and would like to move to it.”

David Marshall, CEO and founder of Marshall ACC

Primarily, LearnUpon’s multi-portals gave the business the ability to create individual learning environments for every single client. There’s no logging into a generic platform labeled “Marshall’s”, instead each portal is configurable and is branded specifically for the client. Significantly, there’s no limit to the number of portals that can be built, and it can all be done in a matter of minutes - perfect for a fast-growing business.

“We have 250+ organizations all using our courses and via LearnUpon we’re able to configure a branded portal for each of them. We really like that. Every client has a different culture and way of working and we’re able to accommodate that. Clients like that they can log in via their own branded portals. We’ve had lovely feedback on that.”

David Marshall, CEO and founder of Marshall ACM

The admin and learner experience also receive a positive reaction from clients. Features like single sign-on, certificates, and reminders all make training management, delivery, and reporting a much more simple, scalable, and reliable process.

“You can do some of those things with other systems, but really the user-interface with LearnUpon is the main advantage.”

David Marshall, CEO and founder of Marshall ACM

For David and his team, it’s not just providing high-quality training that matters, it’s offering great support to their clients too. That is something they saw and appreciated in LearnUpon also.

“We’re very responsive to our clients, but if the LMS provider doesn’t reply for 72 hours it’s really difficult. We found we had a shared work ethic with the LearnUpon team. Actually, they far exceeded it! They are very fast on support. That really helps us.”

David Marshall, CEO and founder of Marshall ACM

For Marshall ACM, the business has two big goals: scale and grow. With the help of LearnUpon, it’s rapidly achieving both. Firstly, the number of clients using Marshall ACM’s training courses has shot up over the last few years, and this is largely down to LearnUpon’s scalability.

“We aim to be the leading eLearning consultancy for universities for staff development training. We’ve been able to train most universities in the UK. We now have 407,789 users. It’s impressive growth over the last two to three years. And a big part of that has been us being able to support the logistics of eLearning via LearnUpon.”

David Marshall, CEO and founder of Marshall ACM

Marshall ACM: The User Numbers

Marshall ACM LearnUpon The solution has also helped feed the growth of the business. Clients enjoy the training and how it’s being delivered and this has led to more clients and requests for more courses.

“Clients come back and say “this is a really good tool. We really like the reporting, it’s really easy to use.” They’ve asked us to develop more titles over and above diversity and unconscious bias. We’ve been able to grow the business because people like the fact that we can add those courses. LearnUpon has been really integral to that.”

David Marshall, CEO and founder of Marshall ACM




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