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LearnUpon Adds Five New Languages

LearnUpon, the leading cloud-based LMS, is now available in five additional languages: Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Polish and Russian.

The announcement builds on LearnUpon’s expansion as a multilingual LMS, supporting a growing international customer base. These languages are added to the current languages available: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

This brings the total number of languages available within LearnUpon to 11. LearnUpon’s global team helps to support over 800 customers worldwide.


Additional Languages

Commenting on the announcement, LearnUpon’s CEO Brendan Noud said:

“LearnUpon was founded with the belief that online training should be quick to setup and easy to use. The addition of these five languages further enhances our ability to support organizations looking to roll out training across multiple regions quickly and effortlessly. With multiple languages, our customers can instantly train employees, customers or partners anywhere.”


LearnUpon has not just translated the application, but they have also localized the languages so that the true essence is captured in all languages and locales. Brendan added,

“Learners will immediately be able to use LearnUpon in their native language, improving adoption and increasing engagement. Ultimately these additional languages make it easier for our customers to achieve their training goals.”

Future Development

LearnUpon releases new languages regularly based on feedback from our customers. We look forward to expanding the list of languages available to our customers in the near future.





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