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Why does IABC recommend LearnUpon?

As a geographically dispersed Association with thousands of members, IABC needed a Learning Management System to help manage their growth and streamline their processes. To achieve their aims, IABC uses LearnUpon to provide lifelong learning to their members in more than 70 countries.

LearnUpon is helping to reduce their administration time and  deliver their IABC Academy professional development program, while also being a cost effective and scalable solution. We spoke with Ron Hansen, Ed. D, IABC’s Education Director, on his detailed search for the best LMS solution and his experience with LearnUpon.

The IABC Story

The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) was founded in 1970 and has grown to have approximately 10,000 members around the world. The Association enables a global network of communicators working in diverse industries and disciplines to identify, share, and apply the world’s best communication practices.

IABC has set the standard for excellence in their field. Their members include senior communications executives from global Fortune 500 companies, multi-national communications agencies, leading non-profit institutions and universities. Ron led the search for an LMS that met their specific requirements, could scale with their growth and was a cost-effective investment to recommend to the association.

Choosing LearnUpon

IABC embarked on a rigorous search to select the best LMS solution. Ron states that choice was the result of a “thoughtful and detail-oriented selection process”. Ron engaged an expert consultant who tracks and ranks the over 600 LMS’s.

Once the necessary criteria were identified, Ron was introduced to the LearnUpon team who demonstrated the LMS and provided Ron and his staff with all the information he needed to make a decision. At the conclusion of the process Ron provided a final recommendation to a volunteer committee working to implement the IABC Academy’s strategy. As Ron describes it:

“Ultimately, LearnUpon’s customer support throughout the selection process, competitive cost, and how well the LMS met IABC’s criteria made it the best choice.”

Ron Hansen, Education Director

Benefits of LearnUpon

Since IABC chose LearnUpon, they have found many of their processes have been simplified, saving time and money:

“LearnUpon is streamlining operations for providing the Academy courses and meeting learner needs. It provides the learner with a one stop shop from purchase to tracking their professional development.

Ron Hansen, Education Director

By using LearnUpon the association has reaped the rewards of automating previously manual tasks. Ron identifies one particular feature that has been very well received:

“The ability to automatically generate certificates upon course completion has reduced many hours previously required by staff to generate and mail the certificates.“

Ron Hansen, Education Director

LearnUpon has also been a cost effective solution for the association. The learner’s journey is all catered for by the system, from the white-labelled domain to the automatically generated certificate upon completion of courses.

“With limited resources, this is helping IABC and the IABC Academy to accomplish the strategy and serve the organization’s mission.”

Ron Hansen, Education Director

Why IABC recommend LearnUpon?

The IABC Academy is now in its third year. The Association implemented LearnUpon in April of 2016. When asked if IABC would recommend LearnUpon, Ron identified the following reasons why he would not hesitate to do so:

“Having LearnUpon’s customer service, pricing, and the commitment to continuously improve and /or innovate are all reasons to recommend this LMS.”

Ron Hansen, Education Director




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