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How to use Certification for eLearning Assessment

Certification is one of the most important elements of eLearning.  Effective certification is most commonly essential for formal compliance requirements. It can, however, be leveraged to increase the uptake and encourage the completion of training. In this article, I show how certification can be used to successfully confirm eLearning performance.


Examination is useful for assessing how learners are progressing through their courses and helping you to meet compliance requirements. Certification can be used in combination with examination to incentivize learner participation and success. Awarding a learner a certificate when they successfully complete a course gives them a tangible reward that can be used to promote your courses. LearnUpon makes it easy to import and customize certificates that can be linked to courses and learning paths. When a learner completes a certified course, they are automatically awarded a certificate they can print, download, or share through their social networks. If you choose to use certification to incentivize eLearning, you should also consider:




Certification is just one of the many features you will love when using LearnUpon. For more information, schedule a demo with a LearnUpon expert now.




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