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How a learning platform helped Smart Majority gain 100,000 users

How a Learning Platform Helped Smart Majority Gain 100,000 Users

SMART Majority and LearnUpon are two young eLearning companies that have grown rapidly since they were founded three years ago. That growth isn't a coincidence. As one of LearnUpon's first customers, a strong partnership has helped the companies to thrive in their respective markets. SMART Majority was established with the ambition to improve the way that online learning and development is delivered. Its co-founders aimed to leverage the potential of technology to deliver a learning experience superior to any then on the market. Driven by the goal of acquiring hundreds of thousands of learners, SMART Majority needed an online learning platform that would help them reach their ambitious targets. Here's how they did it.

About Smart Majority

SMART Majority is an eLearning provider that delivers courses that cover a broad range of topics, spanning Event Management, Leadership and Management, Design, and many more. The company's founder and CEO, Camelia Symes, believed that leveraging recent developments in eLearning technology could deliver an unbeatable competitive advantage. Symes saw that most eLearning providers had yet to adopt tools designed to deliver the best possible learning experience. The company's as yet tiny team began a search for an online learning platform that would support students to complete courses and acquire qualifications in the most efficient way possible.

What business challenge did you need a learning platform to address?

We always knew that the selection of the right LMS was crucial. We founded SMART Majority with the ambition of radically improving on the offerings of eLearning competitors. At the time, most learning and training providers lagged behind recent developments in eLearning technology. Many providers did nothing more than deliver courses in a basic PDF format. We knew we could deliver a far more engaging eLearning experience to students. And because we chose eLearning technology as our key differentiator, the selection of a learning platform that could deliver on that vision was crucial. We'd set extremely ambitious targets. We needed an LMS that would fit us at the start and also scale to accommodate the hundreds of thousands of learners we wanted to reach in the first five years.

Why did you choose LearnUpon?

We considered quite a few online learning platforms first. But something about LearnUpon stood out from the beginning. We liked what we read about support and functionality on the website, so we took a demo to see how the learning management system worked. The demo was detailed enough to work like a consultation. We could see that the learning platform looked like a good fit at that point. The features looked impressive but appeared easy to navigate. We still needed to test the online learning platform, so we followed up the demo with a 30-day free trial.

The free trial confirmed our decision. As soon as we started using LearnUpon, we knew it was just as simple to navigate as it appeared. We found it really easy to understand as admins. We could manage all of the features without any training. Even the least technical member of the team could set up courses immediately. Because we found it so easy to use, we believed our students would too. At that point, we knew we could deliver the improved learner experience we had imagined.

The support we received during our free trial also influenced our decision-making. We were a very small team and needed to minimize costs to guarantee a return. We didn't have an in-house IT department to manage a long integration period or deal with technical issues and glitches. The free trial proved we wouldn't need one. We could count on LearnUpon's free 24/7 support. If we had questions, we called them. That was a big selling point. We knew LearnUpon's support team would be there to help us with a system we didn't yet know.

How has LearnUpon helped with your business challenge?

We always felt like we were working as a team with LearnUpon. Our main question was: can we grow with you? LearnUpon's pricing model helped make scaling painless and profitable. Pricing has been clear and upfront throughout our years as a customer. There are no hidden costs. There are no nasty surprises. It's one of the most competitive prices on the market. That helped us to grow as a business.

Like LearnUpon, we've grown quickly in the three years since we signed up. We're a team of ten in the office now. Worldwide, we work with another 45 freelancers. Our learner base has grown dramatically. We started with 100 users. We now have over 100,000 registered users, with 60,000 learners active currently. LearnUpon played an instrumental role in helping us to reach that figure. They supported us throughout the journey.

Would you recommend LearnUpon over other Learning Management Systems?

Absolutely, it's been fantastic. Businesses need a system that's reliable. We recently integrated with the API of a big marketing software company and we've had so many challenges. We've missed the confidence excellent support allows you to develop. LearnUpon's support team is so responsive. That's where Brendan and Des really nailed it. If there's an issue, it gets handled. That gave us the confidence we needed to grow to those impressive numbers.

We tested other online learning platforms at the beginning. LearnUpon won in the three categories that mattered most to us: support, ease-of-use for admins and learners, and cost. Overall it's been a joy and a pleasure. LearnUpon was the best choice we could have made.

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