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[eBook] xAPI and cmi5: Plan Now for the Future of eLearning

Since 2001, SCORM has been the standard for eLearning content. In recent years xAPI has risen as a challenger and now with cmi5 it has every chance of fulfilling SCORM’s original potential.

This free xAPI and cmi5 eBook was inspired by the questions we have been asked by our customers and partners. We hope that it will help you plan the future of your eLearning strategy.


What is xAPI?

xAPI, the new standard for delivering online training, is often described as the next evolution of SCORM. While the SCORM standard isn’t going away anytime soon, xAPI has redefined some of the fundamental practices of tracking learning experiences.

But what is xAPI? And why do so many experts believe it will soon become the default standard for eLearning content? xAPI is an eLearning standard that allows you to track learning activities of any kind, online or offline.

What is Cmi5?

Cmi5, a modifier of xAPI, has started to gather momentum. It gives xAPI a new set of rules that make it easier for Learning Management Systems to adhere to the xAPI specification.

This aids the adoption and development of xAPI. Cmi5 also gives content creators a wider range of options to be creative with how they design and deliver their courses. 

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