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Build a Stronger Brand With Customer Training

Building a recognizable, trusted, stronger brand for your business is a top priority. It fuels your growth, attracts new audiences and establishes you as a leader in your industry.

Mastering the art of building a strong brand takes the right strategy. One that connects with your customers and props up your brand. An increasingly popular strategy businesses are adopting is customer training.

Achieved by providing your customers with training that helps them use your product or service better. It nurtures skills in an area of interest, raises the customer experience and, in turn, your brand.

How customer training helps build a stronger brand

Most people think of customer training in a particular way.

It’s commonly used to provide a better onboarding experience, increase product engagement, etc. In reality, it has positive implications for your brand too, including:

Build a Stronger Brand With Customer Training

1. Builds a ‘university’ for your customers

Customer training enables your business to build an external ‘university’ to train customers.

You simply create courses that guide your customers through your product. These courses are a prized resource that gives your customers the tools for success.

Through this success, customers are more likely to stick around. They are likely to recommend, highly rate and spread positive word of mouth about your business. And your relationship with them becomes stronger.

2. Establishes your business as a go-to resource

One of the most powerful ways to connect with your customers is to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. With customer training, thought leadership becomes easier.

You can develop courses for your customers on topics that go beyond product training. Courses can consist of relevant topics to your industry that interest customers and nurture their skills.

HubSpot is one of the most successful businesses to use this strategy.

Through Hubspot Academy, they deliver training to customers that help them progress their careers’ and give them the tools they need to become more skilled.

This tactic has worked remarkably well for HubSpot. They’re synonymous with digital marketing. And their courses have become an invaluable asset to their brand.

3. Promotes your brand

Customer training also enables you to create a unique training environment for customers. These environments can be a used to promote your brand.

Rewards and certificates can be awarded to customers once training is completed. These certifications are a ‘badge of honor’ that they’ll want to share and use as proof that they are experts at using your product.

How to deliver customer training that promotes your brand

With all the advantages of customer training, you need the right tools to implement it. That’s where a learning management system (LMS) comes in.

Developed to help businesses deliver, manage and track training, LMSs like LearnUpon have features that make training as streamlined and effective as possible.

One essential feature is portals. If you have multiple audiences or different types of customers to train, a multi-tenant LMS allows you to set up multiple portals, all managed with one login.

Think of portals as ‘mini’ LMSs all within one system. You can train your audiences in their own dedicated portal. This means you can create and deliver engaging courses tailored to each audience.

For example, if your business offers different products or has different subsidiaries, you’ll need individual environments for these audiences.

The content contained within each environment, or portal, is tailored to their interests. This strengthens their relationship with your business as you offer them training that’s personalized.

Bringing your business’s look and feel to the software you use is essential when delivering training.

A great LMS empowers you to brand your portal with your colors, logos, banner images, email templates and more. It creates a familiar environment for your customers. They log in and it’s your brand they see.

For a greater focus on your brand, you can also White-label your LMS. That places the portal on a website address you control. It also removes the LMS providers branding and copyright material. Your customers see your training as a holistic part of your brand.

We mentioned above that rewards work well to get customers promoting your brand. So, an LMS that offers certificates is a powerful way to reward earners for completing their courses.

Build a Stronger Brand With Customer Training

Automatically awarded to customers once they’ve completed their training, they can also be renewed after a certain period of time. This encourages customers to keep coming back, developing new skills and engaging with your brand.

How to grow your brand with training today?

Have a great product or service? Train your customers with LearnUpon. The powerful learning management system that has the features and a knowledgeable team you need to achieve training success.

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