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The Key to eLearning Success - Advice from the Experts

The run up to your eLearning launch is a busy time. For your training and development team planning and organization is key. Inevitably though, some mistakes can slip through the cracks. We want to help safeguard your training launch so that it’s as successful as possible. So we asked the eLearning experts. Our Customer Success team, who guide our customers through their training delivery every day, gave their top tips for eLearning success. Have a read and hopefully, this advice will help you.

Tips for eLearning Success

Carrie, Head of Customer Success

“The number one piece of advice I give to businesses is to have a good understanding of your learning goals. It’s important to have a clear expectation of what your business wants to achieve so you can plan your strategy and training around it. I recommend customers to ask themselves: “What are we hoping to accomplish with our learning management system?” and “How will the strategy we’re planning help us get there?” Commonly, we hear businesses want to reduce support queries, reduce time to value for new customers, achieve 100% compliance, increase sales, increase NPS… the list goes on. But if you know this in advance, not only can you develop a better training strategy, the Customer Success team can help you determine how to measure and accomplish those goals too.”

Sam, Customer Success Specialist

“Some companies have a set launch deadline where all of their different training goes live across all the different departments. This is a big undertaking, especially if you have a large number of learners. I recommend breaking it down into stages instead. For example, if you’re introducing training for your employees, roll out the sales team training first. Then the next week, move on to your marketing team training, then support and so on. This takes the pressure off your administrators as there’s no large, looming deadline. Iterative rolling out of training also means errors and mishaps can be easily flagged and corrected before training is delivered to everyone.”

Brian, Customer Success Specialist

“I would say just don’t be a perfectionist! I see a lot of businesses delay and hold back their training as not everything is exactly right. But, getting your training live and in front of your learners is really valuable. You can collect lots of constructive feedback. That feedback can be used to improve your content and make it better over time.”

Laura, Customer Success Specialist

“Planning and organization is one thing I think is key. I suggest laying out a realistic timeline of the tasks that need to happen to meet your launch date. Tasks like setting up the portal, creating and uploading content, content testing, testing adding users, time to take some “practice courses” and run reports, and make any necessary edits. If you have a timeline planned with each person on your team aware of each step and their responsibilities, you’re much more likely to launch successfully and on time.”

Rachel, Customer Success Specialist

“My top tip would be to decide early on what experience you want to give your learners and how you plan on managing them in your learning management system. Do you need just one portal to deliver your training? Do you have different types of learners that need a more bespoke learning experience? Do you need to group together your learners? Answering these questions early on saves you time and resources in the long run.”

Tara, Customer Success Specialist

“Customers often mention they have a launch date in mind for their training. However, they don’t always have their content ready. It’s rare in these cases that they will get to reach that launch date, so everything gets pushed back until the content is there. So for admins, I always recommend that they consider their launch in terms of the content they have ready, and then base the date on that. It helps you be realistic. Customers usually have much more content on hand than they initially realize and it can be incredibly valuable. So take stock of your content, what you need and plan from there. “

Emma, Senior Customer Success Specialist

“A major part of a successful launch that’s often forgotten is messaging and timing. It’s about building the habit of learning into your organization. We see huge success when businesses launch with a course that people really want to do or one that gets them into your LMS and using the system quickly. We’ve seen businesses booking in-house yoga classes in their LMS through ILTs (seriously, and it worked really well!). Or one business where they share crucial information needed for discussion that week in the learner’s actual job within the LMS, which led to really high engagement. And market the LMS – internally or externally – no one is going to go in there if they don’t know it exists, how to access it, and what’s in it for them!”

CJ, Customer Success Specialist

“My top tip would be don’t be afraid to experiment with content and TEST, TEST, TEST! I’ve seen admins that were cautious when it came to introducing new content, but when they eventually did launch it was a huge success. Don’t be afraid to try something different. I’ve also seen a lot of admins put new training in place without testing and it can end up being a disaster, especially for a launch!”

Ryan, Customer Success Specialist

“I believe learning, at its core, should be fun! No matter what the subject matter, my top tip is to have fun with it! Engage your learners by drawing them into the content you create. Use gamification, badges, levels, and leaderboards to create competition among your learners and build excitement around your learning goals. Don’t be afraid to have a laugh (where appropriate) with silly GIFs, images and video. A perfectly placed GIF can grab and refocus your learners’ attention in what could be an otherwise bland session. Corny ‘Dad jokes’ usually do the trick!”

Take advantage of the resources available to your business

The key to eLearning success with an LMS, it’s all about taking advantage of the resources available to you. Turn to your team, use the content you already have, plan smartly, test and take advantage of your LMS’s Customer Success Specialist. It will help you meet your deadlines and deliver a smooth, successful eLearning program.




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