LearnUpon’s founders on our latest major enhancement


Yesterday we announced our new fully responsive user interface (UI). LearnUpon’s purpose is to develop the best LMS on the market, backed up with unrivaled customer support. The release of our new UI is the next significant step on our journey. The launch is the culmination of years of observing customer behavior. The journey to the new UI required lots of listening and research that pulled together the expertise of our whole team. It is a sign of our commitment to deliver our customers the best learner experience possible. I spoke with our Co-founders, Brendan, our CEO and Des, our CTO, to get a sense of what this means for LearnUpon as a company, a product and a team.

Company philosophy

Brendan sees this project as proof that  “Even with our rapid growth with the addition of more and more customers every day, we are not resting on our laurels, which is often seen in the industry.” Each and every day in LearnUpon, we ask “What can we do better?”.  

Brendan states that this project reaffirms our position as a market pioneer. It is another example of LearnUpon putting the customer experience at the heart of what we do. “We started out to change the status quo in the corporate elearning industry. We are doubling down on that initial promise by delivering a new LearnUpon experience that will change the way someone will use an LMS”

“Our new interface is not just a lick of paint. We have invested a huge amount of time and resources in order to produce an experience that really focuses on reducing the effort required to perform the most common user tasks. We are lucky to have so many loyal customers who have given us really important feedback which we fed back into this UI design.

Technical strides

This is not just an aesthetic improvement, Des explains further, this enhancement is as much about the future as it is about the present. This is as much a “re-productization” as it is a new design.

“LearnUpon is easily extendable, so unlike many LMSes that get stuck in an outdated interface for many years, we have added a new UI that is easily adapted and branded, making sure that LearnUpon will grow and evolve as our customers needs do. We have made significant infrastructural improvements also as part of the new UI enhancement. The coupling of technologies makes us even more scalable, and faster in the browser or on your mobile device than ever before.”

Platform enhancement acceleration

Our technical team have achieved an extra level of efficiency as a result of the project. Des says that “The ability to see our product vision years into the future means that we have taken steps that our customers will see the benefits from in the months and years ahead.  We have attacked every single line of code and rebuilt sections of the platform to ensure we are fast, scalable and secure.  Ultimately, we can now build slicker features for our customers and in half the time!”

With our new Smart Search feature Des believes that our customers are getting a glimpse of what lies ahead and the increased power that we have introduced into product. Des’s excitement is infectious, especially when his parting words from our conversation were that “the fun is only just beginning…”

LearnUpon’s culture shines

Brendan and Des would like to thank all our customers, your feedback let us know we were on the right track. This is the most significant enhancement we have undertaken since our launch. It has tested the expertise, creativity and tenacity of our whole team. Brendan says “Des and I watched as our culture shone through during the creation of our new LearnUpon experience. Our team doubled down on our commitment to producing work we are proud of. We are immensely proud of our team and the new LearnUpon experience they have created”

This has been an immensely enjoyable project where we have imagined the future. This is just the beginning of the story to become the world’s best LMS. All of the work that inspired and delivered our new LearnUpon experience is the foundation of what’s to come. We have even more exciting features in the works.