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5 Tricks To Onboard Your LMS Users & Get Them Training Fast

5 Tricks To Onboard Your LMS Users & Get Them Training Fast

You have an LMS – great! Next, it’s time to get your users in and training effectively.

To do this you’re going to need the help of a few nifty features. Each one will help your learner easily access your LMS, train quickly and get the results you want from your online training. I’ve got 5 of these features to show you today so let’s dig in.

5 Tricks To Onboard Your LMS Users

1. Add Every User ASAP

If you have just gotten your LMS or have been using one for a while, one of the main pain points can be having to manually add and manage new users in the app. You have to keep an eye on everyone you add to ensure every user you need to be in there is actually in there.

You can overcome this, and get your users in your LMS fast, by integrating with your existing systems. Connecting your HR, CRM, member database or more to the platform will automatically add them as a user. There’s little input from you and your learners are one step closer to starting their courses.

2. Remind your users it’s time to train

Once a learner has been added to your LMS, the first point of interaction will likely be an email – it’s important that this email motivates them to start their training.

In an LMS like LearnUpon, emails are triggered so that they are automatically sent to a user to let them know it’s time to start training. These emails can be edited by admins to make them more personalized to users so that they are encouraged to sign in.

You can personalize your emails by adding your user’s name, editing the text and subject line to be specific to the training that needs to be completed and having a clear call to action.   

Triggered emails can also be set as reminders to keep encouraging your learners to not forget about their training. If you add a learner to a course, a course deadline is approaching or they have an assignment due, you can add set reminder emails to be automatically sent so that your learners know it’s time to complete their courses.

3. Avoid the password fatigue

One of the main friction points that many businesses experience with their users is passwords. With so many passwords to remember, users often try to log in, realize they forgot their password and leave, never to return again.

Beat the password fatigue by taking advantage of single sign-on or SSO for short. This feature enables an end-user within an organization to access multiple services/applications using just one set of credentials, for example, employee i.d or email address – think Salesforce communities, Office 365, or your own software in the case of a software company.

Using SSO has big benefits. Your learners aren’t required to enter any detail into your LMS so they won’t forget their password. That’s one less potential barrier interrupting their training.

4. Keep your learners coming back for more

For many LMS admins and managers, a common issue they come across is that their learner’s login, take a course and leaves. Don’t let your learners miss out on invaluable learning and keep them engaged with learning paths.

Learning paths are an ingenious hack for admins and managers to get users to complete multiple courses with minimal input or management.  Simply put, they are a sequence of courses joined together. Once a learner completes one course, they move on to the next.

Since Learning Paths constantly re-engage your learners and encourage them back to your LMS, your learners are prompted to keep training and gaining the knowledge they need. And it requires very little management from you – double win!

5. Get the data on who’s not engaging

Your best asset for effectively onboarding your users and getting them learning fast is your reports. With reports, you can see who’s engaging and motivated to use your LMS and who isn’t logging in.

Make it particularly simple for yourself by getting your reports sent to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis so you can see how your learners are interacting with your LMS.

The road to eLearning success

Once you’ve implemented all of these steps you are much more likely to have an engaged learner base, allowing you to achieve eLearning success!

If you’d like to discover more ways to engage your learner, check out this “35 Tips for Significantly Better eLearning” post.




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